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All Federal and Local laws will be obeyed in the transfer of a firearm. 
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Last revised June 14th 2008

This is a very clean used Model 60. It is the 2" barrel version and is of the pre-lock design. The revolver is chambered for the 357 Magnum cartridge. The correct factory box is included. $550 plus shipping.

This is one of 350 Winchester Wild Bill Hicock Commemoratives that was produced back in 1996. These model 94 lever actions were hand engraved by Giovanni in Italy. They were then nickled and completed here in the US. The rifle has outstanding wood as can be seen in the photographs as well as the big loop lever. This appears to be an unfired example. It is in excellent plus condition with all paperwork but is missing the original box. SOLD

Close ups of receiver left right

Colt Gunsite Pistol...This is a recent offereing from Colt's Custom Shop. This is the Concealed Carry Officer version of the Gunsite pistol. This is a Series 70 with Novak sights. Lwt Officers anodized frame w/ blue Commander slide. Flat mainspring housing, dehorned, thin rosewood double-diamond grips, Gold Cup serrations on front strap. The firearm ships complete in it's correct original box with all paperwork. SOLDRemember to click on any picture for a larger view.

This is a Smith and Wesson Recon 45. This has a ported barrel to reduce recoil and help with follow up shots. This has a frame mounted decocker and is chambered for 45 ACP. The Titanium Nitride spherical barrel bushing helps account for the accuracy of the Performance Center offering.  Hogue grips are standard on this fine autoloader. $1099 plus shipping

This is a clean, used Walter P5 as can bee seen in the photographs. The firearm is complete and functional. I am not the original owner and there is no box or paperwork included. This is a shooter, not a safe queen.

For those of you that do not know. The P38 and it offspring like this P5 are great guns for lefties. If you look at the photograph you will notice that the ejection port is on the opposite side of the firearm from what we are trawditionally used to here in America. $500 plus shipping.

This is a very, very clean USP. As can be seen in the photographs, the firearm is in terrific condition. The pistol was manufactured in 2006 and is in Excellent+ to Like New condition.

The sights have been changed over to Trijcon Tritium night sights (about one year ago). Two full capacity magazines are included. The box, manual, cable lock, fired casing and all other items originally shipped with the firearm are included.

If you live in a restricted State, the full capacity magazines will not be shipped to you. I will find some restricted capacity magazines to substitute.  $625 plus shipping

This is a very clean USP with the now discontinued stainless slide. As can be seen in the photographs, the firearm is in terrific condition. The pistol was manufactured in 1997.

The sights have been changed over to Ghost Ring Tritium sights (about two years ago). I painted in the normally boring slide and frame lettering for better visual effect. Two full capacity magazines are included.

If you live in a restricted State, the magazines will not be shipped to you. I will try and find some restricted capacity magazines to substitute. $750 plus shipping. 

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This is a LNIB, unfired since it left the Factory Kimber Custom CDP. This is a very fine carry pistol that was produced by the Kimber Custom Shop. It has 30 lpi checkering on the front strap, front and rear cocking serrations and is equipped with night sights. SOLD. The firearm ships complete in it's correct original box. 

This firearm is from a limited run of colored frames that HK did in 2005. The frame of this USP is gray. This firearm has never been on display, fondled or shot since leaving the factory. It was removed from the packaging twice, once to verify the serial number and again to take these photographs. The firearm is 100% original. It will ship to it's new owner with two full capacity magazines. If you live in a restricted state, other magazine arrangements will have to be made. Naturally, I will help with that. $850 plus shipping. 

Remember to click on any picture for a larger view.

Sometimes you just come upon a very COOL accessory. Light Load allows you safe home practice without the use of ammo. 

The Light Load System's Power Cylinder replaces your pistol's cylinder (no gunsmithing) and is perfectly safe for your gun. The camera-quality Lens Tube is machined precisely for your 4" .357 or 38 S&W (works with models 10,12,15,19,64,65,66 and others). It fires a harmless burst of light, with an effective range up to about 15 feet. And you get a regulation scale reflective Target and complete instruction booklet. $24.99 plus shipping Uses two N batteries (not included)



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Mark Calzaretta
Certified Firearms Instructor
Endowment (Life) Member NRA
Life Member NAHC
Member LEAA
SWCA #1597
SASS #42026 "J.R. Swackhammer"

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Firearms are located in South Florida. All purchases and transactions will be completed in full compliance with existing Federal and Local law. If you are unaware of Federal Law please look at Please do not inquire about a purchase if you are not prepared to go through legal channels. Any blatant requests to circumvent the law will be reported to the authorities. 

Some of the items on this page are single units in the inventory of a retail gun shop. There are multiples of some items.  Not all items on this page may be available when your request is made. This page is periodically updated to provide as accurate a representation as possible. 

This page contains copyrighted materials. All photographs are the property of Mark Calzaretta and may not be used without express written consent.


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