The following ammunition is for sale.
All Federal and Local laws will be obeyed in the transfer of a firearm. 

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Winchester Black Talon ammunition, 40 S&W in boxes of 20 rounds $55 each box plus shipping. SOLD OUT on my remaining stick. 

Winchester 180 grain Black Talon ammunition, 357 Magnum in boxes of 20 rounds $55 each box plus shipping. The stock is almost gone on these. SOLD OUT

Federal Premium Hydra Shock ammunition. 10mm in boxes of 20 rounds. $25.00 plus shipping SOLD OUT

Winchester SXT 9mm. This is the ammunition that replaced the Black Talon after the controversy. SXT stands for Supreme Xpansion Talon. The projectiles are now gold instead of black. 20 rounds per box. $28.00 plus shipping. SOLD OUT

Winchester SXT 380. The Black Talon controversy started before the 380 ACP version was released. SXT stands for Supreme Xpansion Talon. 20 rounds per box. $26.00 plus shipping. SOLD OUT


Mark Calzaretta
Certified Firearms Instructor
Endowment (Life) Member NRA
Life Member NAHC
Member LEAA
SWCA #1597
SASS #42026 "J.R. Swackhammer"

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Firearms are located in South Florida. All purchases and transactions will be completed in full compliance with existing Federal and Local law. If you are unaware of Federal Law please look at Please do not inquire about a purchase if you are not prepared to go through legal channels. Any blatant requests to circumvent the law will be reported to the authorities. 

Many of the items on this page are single units in the inventory of a retail gun shop. There are multiples of some items.  Not all items on this page may be available when your request is made. This page is periodically updated to provide as accurate a representation as possible. 

This page contains copyrighted materials. All photographs are the property of Mark Calzaretta and may not be used without express written consent.


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