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Favorites and Projects
This was acquired as a stainless 45ACP 1911 Government model. It had moisture damage and most of the internals were corroded. After cleaning the frame and radiusing it for a beavertail I installed a Wilson trigger, hammer and sear, a memory groove grip safety, checkered mainspring housing, oversized checkered magazine release, Kim Ahrend's smooth combat grips, and an extended thumb safety. The slide was replaced with a new enhanced blue slide with 3 dot sights. A 9x23 barrel was installed. The firearms front strap has also been stippled.   

This is a 6" Model 27. These are my favorite revolvers. The nice blue and the finely checkered topstrap are the lost elegant touches of yesteryear. This one has Hogue Goncalvo Alves grips with the contrasting butt cap. There is also a red insert in the partridge front sight, I have never seen this before. This one was made in 1977.

The first group photo shows off model 27s from the 3 1/2" nickel to the 6 1/2" blue. The second group photo is all 8 shot model 27s and 627s

The 41 Magnum has always been one of my favorite cartridges. The 4" Model 657 makes a fine carry piece. This one is wearing Hogue King Wood stocks with the contrasting butt cap and white line spacer. This one was manufactured in 1987. 4" barrels were discontinued in 1988.

The group photo includes everything from a 2 1/2" Titanium model to a semi-auto Desert Eagle to the big 20" Marlin lever action with the octagon barrel. It even includes a Dan Wesson with interchangeable barrels and a 41 magnum Colt Python on the bottom.. 

This is a nice P&R 4" Model 629 44 Magnum revolver. The Pinned barrel was discontinued the year after this revolver was introduced. This one was manufactured in 1981. 

This Model 66 is a favorite snub nosed revolver for many shooters. This one has been Magana Ported and is equipped with factory smooth combat grips. The trigger has been changed to a wide smooth factory trigger. 

This is a 2" Model 34. This one has been fitted with an additional 22 Winchester Magnum cylinder. The hammer has also been bobbed and the trigger smoothed and radiused.

The Model 317 is super cute. This little 8 shot 22 Long Rifle revolver has an aluminum frame and cylinder. These make this AirLite only 10 ounces in weight. It is amazing to handle it for the first time. This one is wearing factory rosewood grips.

This is a 4" Model 63 chambered for 22LR. This J-frame kit gun has been polished to a bright finish at the factory and equipped with oversized target grips. 

This is a pair of European American Armory Witness pistols. These clones of the famed Czechoslovakian CZ-75 are made in Italy by Tangfolio. This pair has been customized with checkered front and back straps, squared and checkered trigger guard, extended tangs and are drilled and tapped for scope mounts. The top one is chambered in 38 Super and the bottom one is chambered for 45 ACP.  

This is a One Pro in 45 ACP. This Swiss built variation of the CZ-75 design is truly superb. It has one of the most amazing triggers I have ever felt in a factory produced semi auto. The firearm is equipped with a frame mounted de-cocker. The Firearm is currently imported by Magnum Research. 

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