These lighthouses are along the coast of Maine. The film is Kodacolor 100. OM4T and various Zuikos.

The following is a book cover. This was shot with an Olympus OM4Ti, 28/2 Zuiko, and Kodacolor Royal Gold 100. 

The following images are from the same night's photo shoot but were not chosen for the book cover. The last image was used as the back cover shot.

The following is some of the photography that went into a 1999 annual report for one of our local Police Departments. All images were taken with OM4Ts, Kodacolor Royal Gold 100, and various Zuikos.


The Zuiko 8mm produced this image for the cover of the annual report.  

Animals always make a good subject. Many of these photos were taken with the Olympus E-10 digital camera. The remainder utilized the OM-2n or OM-4T with various Zuikos and Kodacolor film. Sometime you just stumble upon something weird, like the last photo in this series

Air Shows offer some nice shots of today's high performance and acrobatic planes showing off. All of these images were captured with the C720 and B300 of the air show at Patrick Air Force Base. I was about 7 miles from the air strip.

The 18mm makes for some spectacular cloud images. These were taken in Irving Texas.

This images is the tail end of  a lunar eclipse. This was taken with the 1000/11 and Royal Gold 200. Most of this photo string showed some camera movement. The 1000 should be used with two tripods for any long exposures. The second image is a great example of Olympus' superb high quality performance in the digital field. This was taken with a C-720 Ultra Zoom camera utilizing the highly sought after B-300 telephoto adapter originally designed for the IS/L series of cameras. This combination produces a 545MM f3.4 package that weighs in at around one and a half pounds. Lunar shots always look more detailed when the Moon is less than full. The added shadows of the craters help give a more three dimensional quality to the image. 

This picture was done for a real-estate brochure. This was a very long exposure at 10PM. All of the interior and exterior house lights were turned off. OM4t, 35-70/3.6, Kodacolor 100.

Night photography provides some great images. The first two are done with an OM-2N, 35/2 and Kodacolor 100. The first image is a very long exposure, the white line across the sky is a plane leaving Miami International Airport. The third picture was taken from the roof of the Xerox center in Irving Texas, 300 feet in the air looking towards downtown Dallas you can even make out Texas Stadium in the upper right segment of the photo. OM4T, 35-70/3.6, Kodacolor 100. The fourth and fifth shots are taken in Daytona Beach Florida. Number four was taken just weeks before the pier was destroyed by a hurricane. The fifth shot is a double exposure taken from atop the Adams Mark hotel. One view north and one view south. Both of these were done with the OM4T, 24-48 Zuiko and Kodacolor 100. The sixth image is a south Florida college campus. The seventh image was taken atop Xerox Center. The red cast is from an aircraft warning light. The last two images were taken along Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago on January 6th. The 4 story Crate and Barrel store is huge and for electronic fans, Sony's store is like a dream come true.

The first image is a shot of John Glenn returning to Earth. This image was shot with the 300/4.5 Zuiko. The Orbiter landed at the Kennedy Space Center's Shuttle Landing Strip. The second image is a night launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis. This was taken with the OM-4T and 600/6.5 Zuiko. The third image is one of my favorites, shot with the 90/2 Zuiko and OM-4T.

These following images are from the 30th Anniversary Celebration of Man's first landing on the Moon, Apollo 11. The first two images are an eagle that was brought in for the event, his name is Trouble. Picture three shows Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, Jr. as he gets acquainted with Trouble for his presentation later in the day. The last image is of the only astronaut to serve in all three projects, Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo. Of course that is Wally Schrria.


Just a little something for the walls of the Law Enforcement Officer.

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